We're coming home to Wimbledon

We'd like you to join us

There are so many benefits to joining the AFC Wimbledon Business Club, both for your company and your community. Take a look at what's on offer!

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Next Event

Dinner at Khanage

A delicious way to network at the award-winning restaurant!

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Match day hospitality

We welcomed business club members into our home, The Cherry Red Records Stadium, for match day hospitality on New Year’s Day!

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Who's in the club?

Many businesses are already in, and more join every week. Find out which companies are a part of the club!

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Why Join the AFC Wimbledon Business Club?

support your local club

To have local businesses backing up the club is a great way to strengthen its position and its ability to keep growing.

We look forward to returning the favour when we move back home to Plough Lane.

Sell to the club

To those joining the business club, we guarantee the opportunity to pitch your sales to the club.

It is in our mutual interest to work with our own community.

Advertise to our fan base

One of the most valuable assets AFC Wimbledon has to offer is the loyalty and passion of its large fan base. Help our fans to help you.

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Twitter: 56,000+ followers


The chance to participate in exciting events with the objective of both leisure and networking experiences, sporting events and tournaments, tastings, Christmas dinner and more.

Meet special guests

The participation of special guests from AFC Wimbledon’s environment is guaranteed at the business club’s events.

Business community

The opportunity to share our success and create mutually interested deals is upon us and will lead to collective benefits.